Why Now is the Time to Launch a Blockchain Startup

When entrepreneurs consider different types of tech startups they could launch, they should always consider what is trending and in demand, as well as what existing technologies could be disrupted. Our current tech landscape is growing across multiple industries, but perhaps the one that has the ability to change the entire way business gets done

Creating a Startup That Sells: Lessons on What Works From an Expert

Last week, the Promeets team had the opportunity to present an event featuring Matthew Le Merle, entrepreneurial expert and author of the book Build Your Fortune for the Fifth Era: How to Prosper in an Age of Unprecedented Disruption. During his keynote address, Matthew shared invaluable startup tips for the audience that could help guide

How Insurtech Startups Are Disrupting the Insurance Industry

We’ve all seen how financial technology—or fintech—has completely revolutionized the way we invest and plan for our financial futures over the past few years. From causing clients to question the commissions they pay to their advisor to clients wondering if they even need a human advisor at all, fintech has disrupted an industry that has

Developing a Social Media Audience for Your New Business: 5 Tips for Success

If you’ve ever started a business, you know that budgets are usually limited. After paying for office space, staff, and various legal requirements, there’s usually little money left for marketing to grow your startup. Fortunately, many startups can harness the relatively low cost of social media marketing to drive their business and get found by