How Insurtech Startups Are Disrupting the Insurance Industry

We’ve all seen how financial technology—or fintech—has completely revolutionized the way we invest and plan for our financial futures over the past few years. From causing clients to question the commissions they pay to their advisor to clients wondering if they even need a human advisor at all, fintech has disrupted an industry that has

Prioritizing Software Development: Overcoming One of Your Startup’s Greatest Challenges

Many of the startups in our technology-based society sell products or services that require a significant amount of software development. When these companies seek startup expert help, they often note that one of their main pain points is prioritizing software development in order to be successful. How important is this? According to research performed for

Startup 101–Lesson : Do I Have a Good Idea and Market for My Startup?

This blog post is Promeets’ inaugural article (Lesson 1) in our weekly blog series for the Startup 101 Handbook. This handbook is for leaders of aspiring startups—which will eventually contain 101 detailed lessons—is Promeets’ contribution back to the startup ecosystem. Please share these lessons with your entrepreneurial friends and colleagues that you think could benefit