4 Tips on How to Build a Winning Team for Your Startup

Startups are a hive of new and creative ideas, passion, and the excitement that comes with building something new. When you grow your startup, you may think this is enough to attract the perfect team to help you achieve your goals. Unfortunately, many startups find that hiring the right people is one of their biggest challenges and is the key reason why more than 50% of startups fail by their fifth year.

Finding the right people to join your team and convincing them to take a chance on your new company is vital to your continued growth. Here are four tips to help you source and hire a dynamic and successful team.

Know Where to Find the Best Candidates

Think you can put an ad in the newspaper and the right candidates will show up on your startup’s doorstep? Think again. As any startup consultant will tell you, it takes a certain type of person to thrive in the ever-changing, unpredictable startup world and you need to know where to find them. Many startups are turning to talent agencies to cultivate candidates for them, but this can be cost prohibitive for those on a shoestring budget.

Finding freelance candidates can be a good startup tip as many freelancers are refugees from the corporate world who are much better suited to the dynamic and laid-back atmosphere of startups. Freelancers can be found on online job markets such as Upwork or Elance. If you find a freelancer who is an especially good fit for your startup, you can always broach the idea of full-time employment.

Social media is another ideal place to find the right people for your team, especially if you’ve put in the work to develop a strong presence online. While LinkedIn has the best features to find and connect with potential employees, you may also want to put a call out for candidates on Facebook or Twitter.

Make Them Come to You

Wouldn’t it be easier if you didn’t have to seek out potential team members? What if you were constantly being approached by eager, talented individuals who wanted to be a part of your team? If you have a strong brand image and effective marketing, this is an achievable goal. Part of your startup development plan should include a campaign that gets the word out about your core values, how you plan to change the industry (or the world!) with your products or services, and the unique features of your work environment. If you craft your message correctly and get it in front of the right people, you can put yourself in the enviable position of picking and choosing from the flood of resumes you receive on a regular basis.

Use the Right Screening Methods

Not every candidate who submits a resume will be a good fit for your startup no matter how good they look on paper. Greg Isenberg, founder and CEO of startup 5by, points out that many people prefer a 9-5, predictable workday and get frustrated with the rollercoaster ride of startups. Growth hacking experts advise startups to not only look at skills and experience, but also to screen for culture and environment fit. Develop questions for the initial interview that revolve around the candidates preferred work environment and don’t be afraid to pass over talented team members who display a corporate mentality.

Make Decisions Quickly

Today’s young workers like to move quickly and tend to interview at multiple companies at the same time. That means the really talented ones will get snapped up and dragging your feet on hiring decisions will put you at a disadvantage. According to the Fast Company, the average interview process takes 23 days. If you want a shot at your first choice candidates, try to streamline your hiring process and cut this down as much as possible.

Building an effective team is crucial to the future of your business. Want more information on how to grow your startup by hiring the right employees? The team at Promeets offers a host of growth hacking experts you can meet with one-on-one to talk about hiring challenges and solutions.


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