Developing a Social Media Audience for Your New Business: 5 Tips for Success

If you’ve ever started a business, you know that budgets are usually limited. After paying for office space, staff, and various legal requirements, there’s usually little money left for marketing to grow your startup. Fortunately, many startups can harness the relatively low cost of social media marketing to drive their business and get found by their potential customers. Here are five growth hacking tips to help you develop the right audience that can take your new business to the next level.


Know Your Target Market


If your target market is on Pinterest and you’re spending all your time and efforts on Twitter, you’ll never develop the right audience. One of the best startup tips for new business owners is to know their target audience and where to find them. You may find that most of your audience is concentrated in one or two platforms, which makes your job in reaching them that much easier.


Create Profiles with Strong Branding


Startup growth strategists emphasize branding to their clients for a reason. Without a strong message and consistent image, your audience will never be able to make a connection to your company. When creating your social media profiles, it pays to put time and effort into developing the right look and feel that is consistent with your website and any other marketing you do.


Write Helpful Content and Share


It’s tough to create a loyal social media following if you aren’t creating strong, original content to share. Part of your startup development plan should be to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry by writing frequent blog posts on your website and sharing them on social media. Make sure you concentrate on helpful information that your target market will find useful instead of information about your company or marketing messages.


Create Relationships with Influencers


Growth hacking experts agree that utilizing social media influencers in your strategy can put you miles ahead of your competition. Spend some time on your chosen social media platforms and identify those individuals who have the most loyal following. Follow them, share their content, and try to start conversations with them. Eventually, you can ask them to help promote your products or services in exchange for free product, shout-outs, or early access to proprietary tech.


Interact with Followers


Don’t make the mistake of building a large following and then forgetting all about them. You need to constantly interact with your followers in every stage of the growth process. Answer questions, share their content, and thank them with acknowledgements or even by choosing a few followers a week to send free products to.

Building a social media following is an important step in your new business marketing plan. To find answers about how to build up your social media subscriber numbers, install the Promeets app  to connect with industry experts and schedule one on one meetings.



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