Tools to add customers for your Minimum Viable Product

Startup growth strategies begin with a Minimum Viable Product. Just like a Most Valuable Player, a startup MVP is a key selling point. A MVP makes the winning shot, the top sale. It allows you to set a steady course for the growth of the company. When you’re determining how to grow your startup, you want to select the right Growth as a Service (GaaS) tools. The three GaaS tools allow you to take advantage of growth hacking tips. Be warned: these programs may bring other founders to your door and make you feel like the real MVP.

Autopilot: reach your customers

Autopilot is marketing software that sends targeted emails, web content, text messages, and direct mail to your existing customer base. The company has a Startup Plan for new businesses to raise awareness and get feedback. You get a bonus against Autopilot’s 1K, 3K, 5K, or 10K contact plans, valid for up to a year. The company will also send you invites to workshops and training events. Autopilot is a “customer journey tool.” It documents the full experience of what it’s like to be one of your customers. Autopilot works because you guide your startup development. You can see what content is trending. This helps you create more of the messages that convert contacts into customers.

Balsamiq: design your app

Balsamiq is a program that allows you to create mock-ups of the software you want to build. The cloud-based program, which has been around since 2008, lets you sketch to design your prototype. Balsamiq also suggests improvements to different visual aspects, like color and texture. Proto offers an alternative method of seeing how your app will function. Both Balsamiq and Proto do not require you to know how to code. This allows you to get new business help without the effort of time-consuming debugging.

Trello: keep your team in touch

Trello is web-based communications software that helps you contact and plan through boards, lists, and cards. Whether you’re working with an internal team or startup consultants, Trello makes it easy for everyone to share startup business resources. The tool also easily lets everyone access startup expert help. Trello’s free software is oriented toward project management. If you are just starting out, you can save logs to show your team, and later, growth hacking experts.

Do you use other tools to plot your growth during the early days?

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