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5 insights to develop your digital strategy

It is important to keep changing your marketing strategies with the times, but often, most of the businesses keep using the same methods repeatedly – even if they are not able to witness the results they are looking for. But, the best thing about the digital strategies is that they can be changed quickly. So, here are top 7 tips to develop your digital strategy.

Get the basics right

There are so many data-driven tools and metrics you can use to boost your marketing endeavors. Make sure you have taken some time to make out which ones are being used aptly and which one requires a redo. Some of these include –

  • Making the most of the content management system (CMS) such as WordPress to update the content on your website on a regular basis.
  • Making the most of the customer relationship management (CRM) system to assist easy customer interactions for your marketing team. 
  • Using SEO keywords in order to grow the visibility of your website on all leading search engine results.
  • Making the utmost use of both email and social media analytics to make out the effectiveness of your varied campaigns and making apt adjustments accordingly.

Who’s your market?

Identifying your market will include having a clear definition of the ‘personas’ expected to buy your products and you should then make your best efforts to find out how many individuals actually fit into each persona. Analyzing your database and finding out how many prospects actually match your personas is also important. This will assist you in calculating your market capture and the market penetration rates as well.

Use Social Media 

You should make an overall assessment of your social presence to ensure that your business is easily found and you can engage your potential customers, shareholders, and ensure your content is read by all your potential customers.

You can also take the help of compelling graphics on varied social media platforms. Make sure that the graphics are attractive & persuasive then only you will have more interaction. When you have an online business, you want to increase the engagement and images & graphics certainly help here. 

Engage with your customers

Have you analyzed how engaged are your customers? Just remember, if your customers are not engaging and responding to your communications, you won’t be able to sell anything. So, if you really want to taste success, make sure you have assessed how well you are communicating with your customers. Examine closely all your email engagement in order to see both your highest-performing communications and where you are performing badly. 

Analyze your past

When it comes to analyzing your past, it will include evaluating your digital marketing strategy’s both success and failures. This will help you to concentrate on setting key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business. Go on and make a choice for a time period you would like to analyze such as last year or month. 

How you should ideally analyze –

  • When you have decided the time period then you need to set your Google Analytics calendar to match this time period.
  • With the help of Benchmarking Reports of Google in your Analytics account, go and compare your performance with your competitors.
  • It is important to analyze the strategies used by your competitors. Creating an analysis spreadsheet of your competitor’s online activities will help.
  • Most importantly, ask yourself that is there anything you are forgetting to analyze? Is there any need to check the content and images you have used?

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