5 strategies to share your expertise with others

Having expertise is one thing, sharing expertise is another. We at Promeets truly believe that the value of expertise significantly increases when shared with people who are looking to gain insights and knowledge in a certain domain. Besides, why would you keep all that know-how for yourself? Passing it on and enabling others to develop themselves is so much fun.

This being said, ‘Expertise sharing’ is not necessarily a walk in the park. It’s crucial to find the right formats and channels to share all the knowledge you have as an expert. In this post we are going to formulate 5 strategies that make sharing expertise easier.

1. Write 

A good way to make your expertise available to others is writing about it. Starting your own blog or becoming a guest writer on platforms in your expertise domain allows you to reach more people at the same time and help you in gaining authority as an expert. The good thing about writing is that it allows you to structure your thoughts as well.

Go to platforms: Blogger, Tumblr, Medium and Squarespace

2. Organize meet-ups 

A second way, albeit less digital, to share your expertise is organizing physical gatherings. This format lets you really connect with people that care about your expertise and want to talk to you about it. Platforms such as meetup.com are made to facilitate the organization of meetups. Co-working spaces such as WeWork can serve as the perfect location for the meetup.

Go to platforms: meetup.com, Eventbrite, and Liquidspace

3.Use the right apps 

A third possibility to share your expertise and connect with the right people is using apps that are made to facilitate expertise sharing.

The Promeets app has been carefully designed to make expertise sharing as easy and rich as possible. As an expert, you can create an expertise profile that enables to present yourself and provides info about the topics you are experienced in. People looking for your expertise can connect with you by the click of a button. The only thing left is for you find a good moment and the right location to meet.

4. Start a podcast 

A fourth expertise sharing opportunity is starting a podcast around your expertise. Admitted, it takes some time to find the right concept, write out a script and define the series. However, once this is done, you can easily share your expertise with a broad community of people listening to podcasts.

Go to platforms: PodBean, Libsyn and Buzzsprout

5. Create a LinkedIn Group 

A fifth and last strategy to build a community around (your) expertise is creating a Linkedin group. A lot of professionals are using Linkedin to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in their domain. Bringing people in your field together in a Linkedin group can be a great expertise sharing catalyst. You can use it as a platform to share what you know, but you can also ask members of the group to share what they know. Interactivity is key in this strategy.


We could easily come up with 10 more strategies that allow expertise sharing. But we feel that the 5 we mentioned will have the most impact. If you know about others and/or if you’ve tried other expertise sharing strategies yourself, feel free to let us know! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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